Agnyaathavaasi producer returns 20 cr to buyers

rp_agynatha-300x211-1-300x211.jpgTruly commendable act by Agnyaathavaasi producer Radha Krishna to compensate minimum 50% losses to distributors in some or other way.

Producer Radhakrishna returned around 20 crores of which 15 crores came from his own pocket and 5 crores from Trivikram (as profit sharing) in which 7 Cr was returned to Dilraju as the movie. Even Radhakrishna called up all the distributors to compensate the looses.

Producer has returned the following amounts to the distributors
Nizam 7c
East 1.6c
Guntur 1.9c
Krishna 1.3c
Ceded and other distributors 8 crores.

However, the Karnataka, Rest Of India and Overseas buyers won’t get a refund as they were sold on an outright basis. Hopefully, distrbutors will be extra careful going forward as not all producers will be like Radha Krishna.