Agli Baar Modi Sarkar says the VDP Survey

rp_modi1-300x220.jpgAccording to the latest survey ” National Tracker Poll” of VDP associates, NDA decisively ahead of its rival UPA . “Agli Baar Modi Sarkar” , says the survey.

If the elections are conducted Here is the Seat Share projections for 420 seats only

Others(Major regional Parties)-118

Vote Share Projections
Others(Major Regional Parties)-23%
67% of voters overall satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here are the State wise Approval Ratings

Andhra Pradesh 43%
Telangana 55%
Tamilnadu 58%
Karnataka 70%
Odisha 65%
West Bengal 58%
Bihar 78%
Uttar Pradesh 75%
Madhya Pradesh 81%
Gujarat 85%
Maharastra 68%
Rajasthan 71%