Aged heroes should change rules

Well, we’re seeing lots of advancement in terms of technology and production values these days in Tollywood. ‘Eega’ is the perfect example for this. But cine lovers say that this is not what they want from aged heroes.

While ‘Eega’ has made India proud and taken Telugu film’s level to next stage, our senior heroes should now drive it further. None of our aged heroes are doing films like ‘Swadesh’, ‘Lagaan’ or ‘Arakshan’. All the time it is like romancing with a beauty half of their age and delivering a single dialogue about society to call the flick a message oriented one. At least, Nag is somewhat better that he is doing movies like ‘Saibaba’, but what about others, asks a film critic. Time for aged Telugu heroes to change rules at least now!

Industry insiders always say that such kind of social-responsible flicks are not doing well trade wise. But same kind of flicks dubbed from Tamil and Hindi are doing well in Telugu circuit. What’s your say guys?