After by-polls, there will be only two parties :Jagan

Jagan Mohan Reddy, chief of the YSR Congress, has said that the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) want to eliminate the “third force” in Andhra Pradesh, and deliberately want to postpone the by-polls scheduled for June 12 in the state.

“After these elections, there will be only two parties left in Andhra Pradesh. One of them will be the YSR Congress party. Both the Congress and the TDP fear that they may lose out and that is why they have come together to eliminate political competition.”

Jagan says he is getting feelers from several leaders in both the Congress and the Telugu Desam. Bobbili MLA belonging to the Congress Ranga Rao joined the YSR Congress party today. Yesterday, Jagan had come to the CBI camp office in Dilkusha accompanied by Anakapalle Congress MP Sabbam Hari and Eluru MLA. Senior TDP leader Mysoora Reddy also joined Jagan’s party yesterday.
Speaking about the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh, Jagan said, “Within the Congress party as well as the Telugu Desam Party, a lot of good leaders – in fact I’m very choosy and picky in taking them only on merit- are coming forward against this injustice where two parties wanting to eliminate the third party… My top priority is to have these elections conducted and to show to the country what kind of injustice is being done in Andhra Pradesh. The people have heard their version, people have heard my version and they are in full knowledge of what is happening and the people would be voting against the injustice being done here.”