Adulterated toddy : People turning psychos in Telangana

toddyTill now adulterated toddy used kill the people who consumed it,But now the unavailability adulterated toddy is taking lives of the people, who are addicted to the drink.

Telangana excise department started raids on the shops which are selling adulterated toddy. With the fear of cases, The sellers stopped adulterating the toody and the people who are addicted to drink adulterated toddy, turned into psychos and behaving like mad people. Some of them have got fits(seizure) and also committed suicide due to withdrawal symptoms.

In Mahabubnagar, 3 people died on mOnday and the total of 10 died till now. The victims of non availability of adulterated toddy is around 900 in the district alone. One woman died in a hospital, In Jadcherla , one women committed sucide by selfablxzing herself. Bogaraspatnam woman also committed suicide.All the government hospitals are going fulls with non availability adulterated toddy victims.

In Nizamabad, one woman died, In Sangareddy 35 people have died out of them 10 people are series.

IN Karimnagar, 75 people are admitted in hospitals , out of them 25 are serious.

This adulterated Toddy is prepared by Shikakai powder, colorform and other chemicals which affects the central nervous system of victims who regularly consume it .