Adult lady’s shocking rejection for Ram Charan !

The moment Ram Charan signed Bollywood movie, the star kid is facing identity crisis like never before.After facing few rejections from top heroines, finally producer could rope in Priyanka Chopra by offering a hefty paycheck.In a chase of multiplying the pre release publicity, makers approached latest Bollywood adult sensationSunny Leone.

However the porn star took her time only to say NO for an item song. She rejected the news by posting a tweet on her twitter account saying, “I am not doing any item song at the moment!!”.This news might come out as a shocker to all Charan fans, but many opine that this is the sensible decision from the actress.She is at her peak of the career with two Bollywood movies and using the craze of Bollywood, she is in a process of increasing the revenues for her official website, which offers unlimited porn with 3-4 $.

“Users has to become members of the site by paying few dollars in order to watch her porn movies. It seems the porn star is earning more income through website than what she is getting paid for movies.So there is no point she degrade herself by dong an item song in a new hero movie” said a critic.Lets see how many twits and turns are in offering for Ram Charan’s Bollywood saga.