Adirindhi movie Review – One man show

rp_adirindi-300x250.jpgMovie: Adirindhi
Cast : Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Surya
Director Atlee Kumar

Producer : Sharat Maraor

Banner : North Star Entertainment rating 3/5


Bhargav (Vijay) is a doctor with high moral values. He changes only Rs.5 from the public for consultation. He receives The international award for his services. Serving as a doctor, on one hand, killing those people who are harming the community as a magician. The police want to know why a doctor is doing this. They find that it’s not Bhargav but Vijay (Vijay), who is involved in these killings.

Bhargav goes to Vijay to know why he is killing on his name and finds that Vijay is his own brother. What events will happen after that? What are the reasons for Vijay killings? Bhargav and Vijay are brothers, why are they not in touch with each other?.

The director has presented a commercial entertainer with GST, Cooperate Hospitals looting and other issues. However, the dialogue of the GST, which has been causing controversy in Tamil, muted in the Telugu version which disappoints the audience. When the film was going on a flow, the dialogues were not heard. Not even One scene in the film can be considered as objectionable. What’s going on in society was shown on the screen.

When a middle-class person by mistake goes to a corporate hospital. The hospital management shows him a heartburn bill with all unnecessary test. Some hospitals only encourage cesarean operations instead of normal deliveries. A poor person doesn’t get a timely treatment. All these happening are because of our political system and leaders. The director raised and questioned all these issues in this film.

Vijay has done complete justice to such a great story with a social message. Vijay is seen in three different roles, one as a calm doctor, angry magician and in the second half he is seen in a mass character as Dalapati.

Nitya Menon’s role was better than Kajal and Samantha’s roles, Both these actors were restricted to one song each. SJ Surya as the villain was more impressive.

The cinematography is impressive. AR Rahman’s songs are fantastic. The background score is more impressive. Film length is also very high. From a long time, Vijay is looking forward to a good success in Telugu. His desire will be fulfilled with this film. The audience who comes out of the theatre will be satisfied for watching a good movie.