Adinayakudu falls in trouble with Jagan’s arrest

Balakrishna’s forthcoming film titled Adhinayakudu set for release on June 1, Balakrishna has enough explosive material to cause Jagan some awkwardness. A promo of the film is already out and the evident target is Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. As Jagan was arrested it would be tough time for its release.
Balakrishna delivers burning dialogues in his films are always a talk of the town and his fans as well, as his critics enjoy them. Though the dialogues that he utters in the film do not have Jagan’s name, but they are clearly aimed at him. And this film is being released with an eye on forthcoming by-elections.
Manchi Nayakudu prajaala gundello undalegani, rooddu meeda bommaallo kaduu”  Balakrishna says,
In an indirect reference to Jagan’s Odarpu yatra and he goes on to say: “Unattundi ee vigrahala rajakeyam enduku modalu pettavo cheputhaava, cheppinchaa mantavaa?
We have to wait and see if Y S Jagan Mohan followers will run this film smooth on theaters or not? that to now Jagan followers are in deep sorrow because of Jagan’s arrest.