Adinayakudu falls flat at box office

High Expectations on Balakrishna’s  Adinayakudu  has made the movie to fall flat at box office. After going through endless hurdles under production and post production, Adinayakudu finally got released on Friday. Despite raising curiosity with political dialogues, Adhinayakudu didn’t open big at the box office. Balakrishna fans like it but other sections of audiences are not pleased with the content.

The main reason for such a disastrous opening was its content, Balakrishna failed to impress in all the three roles. Many excepted a high quality performance from the old character but the role was very limited and powerless. Even dialogues could not grab the attention of audience. The talk and reviews for this film are not encouraging though.

According to trade reports The movie is going to wrap within 3 weeks and would collect around 7-8 crores share in its full run. There were no house fulls even at weekend as this is an age of entertainers and only entertaining movies are doing well. Hence, Adhinayakudu which is high on politics and family drama isn’t getting the attention of entertainment seekers.