Adinayakudu dialogues target Jagan?

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna’s powerful dialogues are once again creating shock waves amongst the political fraternity. It was accused that Balayya’s dialogues in his upcoming film are targeted against Chiranjeevi but now the winds are blowing towards YS Jagan. The latest trailer of his forthcoming film “Adhinayakudu” has Balayya uttering dialogues that are politically inclined, and creating panic amongst other parties.

“Manchi naayakudu prajala gundello vundaale gaanee, roddu meeda bommaallo kaadu. Vunnattundi ee vigrahaala raajakeeyam enduku modalu pettaavo chebuthaavaa? Cheppinchamantaavaa?”, utters Balayya. Reports say that ‘Adhinayakudu’ is a package of punch dialogues targeted towards many political parties.

Balakrishna’s movies always attract the attention of the masses who just love him for those heavy-duty dialogues and Balayya once again triggers a political uproar. “Adhinayakudu”, directed by Paruchuri Murali, has Balakrishna playing triple role and he’s paired up with Lakshmi Rai and Saloni. The film is slated for June 1 release.