Adhinayakudu Producer’s house on sale

      It is known news that Balakrishna’s film Adhinayakudu has been in cans even after completing the shooting part many days ago. Financial issues are troubling this film to see light. Even Balakrishna is not interested in bailing out the producer of this film. ML Kumar Chowdary, who suffered huge losses with his previous ventures, is not in a position to earn buyers trust with this film.

                Balakrishna’s recent debacles and director Paruchuri Murali’s track record is not helping the cause in anyway. But keeping the film in cans without finding a way out will only cause further damage to the producer. So he has made up his mind to release the film by shelling out his assets.

                If the reports are to be believed, Kumar Chowdary is in plans to sell off his assets (house, plots etc) to clear the finances and make the line clear for Adhinayakudu release. This process will take a while and as per the latest update, this film is likely to release in April or May!