Adhinayakudu Producer Refunded His Money

The recent release Adhinayakudu failed to click at the box office but more than that, it isthe issues which happened prior to the release which became a major discussion. The plight of producer M L Kumar Chowdary in arranging for the funds needs no introduction.

 But here is another side of the story which has come to light. It is heard that before ‘Adhinayakudu’ went to the floors, the story got okay and before starting, it is heard that Balayya quoted Rs 3 crores as his remuneration.

For this, Chowdary reportedly said “These days, young heroes are taking Rs 8 crores. If we give you Rs 3 crores then it is below our prestige. You should take minimum Rs 5 cores.”

 For this Balayya reportedly said “Look at the market value, we should go according to that.” And Chowdary was not willing to accept it and he insisted to take the Rs 5 crores payment. Many thought he was insensible in doing that but here is the logic behind that move.
It is heard that Chowdary felt that if the film is going slow or getting delayed then Balayya will not put tension. Or else the Nandamuri star will rip him off. So, to ensure that that he can execute the project smoothly, Chowdary reportedly prepared this sketch. Finally, it is heard that Balayya said no to Rs 50 lakhs and said “If you want use it for publicity.” That’s Balayya’s magnanimity. He is not greedy. In a way, Chowdary’s game plan worked.