Adhinayakudu for DVD release !

Like never before in Balakrishna’s career, his movie Adhinayakudu landed in a utter chaos.With producer going out of money and financiers backing out at the last minute(everytime the movie is planned), there are hardly any buyers for the movie in the market.Only thing that is evenly spaced for the movie is its constant postponement.After all the adjustments, everyone was confident that movie will make it this April 19th, in a latest announcement it is confirmed that movie is pushed to May ending.

Now makers made sure they did not announce any date.Even fans are vexed with this disturbing trend and they are demanding producer to collect ‘Chandas’ and organize DVDs release so that he can cut down cost of print making.”Yes, producer should find the best possible way with minimum budget possible.So looking at the trend, either DVD release or airing in Dooradarshan(if buying emtpy DVDs is also costly) is only the option left for him.” quipped a furious fan.

Mistake is not only with producer, Balakrishna should own the lion share of the blame.When his movie is running into so many problems, he is not even there to bail out the producer.This should be a good lesson to Srimannarayana producer.He should plan the movie such that he ends up in saving some money for the release formalities, to avoid such great embarrassment.