Adarsh’s extraordinary prank dominates Bigg Boss on Day 2

adarshWhat happened with Adarsh Balakrishna in the reality show BIGG Boos house? .This was poking the Bigg Boss Telugu followers who finally got the answer with day two episode.

It was a Perfect meme for Adarsh’s extraordinary prank today in Bigg Boss Telugu episode. he actually bites the contestant Dhanraj’s shoulder and later vomited beside the bed.

All other participants were shocked to see him who was enacting as a drug addicted person. he also asked co-participants for liquor and cigarette.

Another highlight was Dhanraj imitating other participants and create humor in the Bigg Boss house. He also got a big hug from Mumaith Khan.

While on the day one Big Boss has warned the captain of the house Sampoornesh Babu regarding using the smoking zone.