Actress turns sexier after marriage

Born on Nov 14th 1985 Manana,Bharain has recently married. Whenever an actress gets married two things happen, either she quits acting or she begins to take up more character roles. But here is one actress who was quite conservative before her marriage and has begun to shape up sexily after the marriage. She is none other than Mamta Mohandas.

While she was working as a heroine, many cine folks reveal how strict she was in terms of her clothing and was not willing to compromise on skin show or kissing. That was also one reason why Mamta lost out on many opportunities and the chance to become the number one heroine in Telugu.

But suddenly, post marriage, she is coming up with photoshoots and outfits which are rather revealing and showing the seductress which was hidden inside her. Whether it is to grab few offers or to show that she still has the material in her to raise desires among men we don’t know but many are enjoying her new hot stills.