Actress Pujitha lodges complaint on IAS Rekha Rani

rekha-rani-pujithaTollywood heroine and TV serial actress Pujitha has lodged a complaint against Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) Managing Director Rekha Rani, alleged that she married her husband Vijay Gopal .

In her complaint she said, Vijay had married her 15 years ago and that they have a son. But without informing her Rekha Rani married her on April 29, without divorcing .

Reacting on this Rekha Rani advised her to go to the court and media is not a platform to discuss personal matters. She said, Pujitha was separated from Vijay Gopala 10 years ago and was never married to Vijay,they just were in living relationship ,10 year ago. After knowing all legalities, she had married Vijay Gopal. She also denied allegations raised  by Pujitha that the latter has threat from her .

Pujitha denied all allegations of Rekha Rani that she has not married to Vijay Gopal and demanded punishment to Vijay Gopal. She said, she has all proofs about her marriage and other evidences .