Actress condemns Jayalalithaa having a daughter

rp_jayalalitha-278348743874-300x222-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-1-300x222-300x222.jpgPopular TV actress condemned the campaign of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa having a daughter.

Actress Latha said, “It is totally false and I can not digest such a campaign, “she said. During the days of Jayalalithaa’s survival, no one could go ahead with claiming to be her daughter and Why are they coming now? She asked. One of the most well-known friends of Jayalalithaa, Lata, has condemned such campaign.

A girl named Amrutha came before media claiming to be jaya’s daughter. With this argument she went to the Supreme Court. But the court rejected the petition. But she still argues that she is Jaya daughter and wants to have a DNA test. Some people are responding to this and different arguments are heard. Some say that Jayalalithaa has a daughter. Some others say that it is a lie.

Talking about Arke Nagar By Poll, Lata said she would go to publicity campaign if she was called by AIADMK.