Accused in communal violence arrested

The SIT police arrested four people in connection with the Madannapet Hunuman temple incident, which resulted in communal violence in the old city on April eight. In a release, police here said, on the fateful day, one Mr Omkar noticed pieces of cow legs inserted through the grills of the Hanuman Temple, Kurmaguda and also green colour sprinkled on the walls of the temple . He reported the matter of temple desecration at Madannapet police station. Following the incident, a series of incidents of communal violence took place in the old city and police also clamped curfew for five days in Kurmaguda and Madannapera areas. The investigating officials of SIT worked out vital clues, which became the cause of communal violence and apprehended the accused Nagaraj, a sanitation supervisor, GHMC (on contract ), Kiran Kumar, a flower decorator, Ramesh alias Chinnna, waiter in Raj Hotel and Dayanand Singh, private car driver, all of them from the same locality. On intorrogation, the accused confessed that one Srinivas alias Salman Srinu, a private money lender and Niranjan, partner in a wine shop, decided to create tension between different communities in the locality of Kurmaguda in order to strengthen their unity. They instigated the above four accused and conspired to create communal hatred among the communities.

On April 7, a conspiracy was hatched in a local restaurant wherein Srinivas and Niranjan instructed the accused to plant cow legs pieces on the temple wall and also to sprinkle green colour on the wall of temple which is located amidst the Muslim houses in order to throw blame on the Muslim community. They agreed to execute the same.

Thereafter, they gathered at a Wine shop at Champapet and discussed the preparation, procurement of the materials to be used for the crime. After having consumed liquor, Nagaraju along with Ramesh procured two pieces of cow legs and paint mixed in a plastic bottle. On the intervening night of April eight at 0130 hrs the accused went to Sri Abhayanjayena Swamy temple where they sprinkled the colour on the front side of the wall and placed two pieces of cow legs through the grills. The accused were being produced in the court today and efforts were being made to arrest the other absconding accused Srinivas and Niranjan, the release added.