ABN stops telecasting Nandyal pre-poll survey

rp_ABN-andhra-jyothy-telangaana-300x169.jpgState Election Commission Commissioner Bhanwarlal imposed the ban on surveys and opinion polls in the backdrop of the Nandyal bye-election. He also faulted for asking the voter about whom he is going to cast his vote.

Bhanwar Lal has said that the complaint has been received that the voters are been lured and threatened in the name of surveys, which is why surveys and opinion polls have been banned.

He warned all TV channel not to broadcast surveys and would take stringent actions if the surveys were broadcast. No surveys and opinion polls should be conducted and broadcasted till 23th of this month, on the by-election of Nandyal.

Meanwhile ABN – Andhrajyothy which was telecasting the survey has stopped the telecast on their own in the middle, however it has shown as who is going to win (according to its survey) , before EC orders.