ABN RK shocking Editorial on Pawan Kalyan

pk-rkThe war between a section of Telugu media and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan continues, the most shocking thing is ABN chief Radha Krishna’s editorial.

In his editorial He says, Pawan Kalyan should know the meaning of cuss word spoken by actress Sri Reddy against him. It’s surprising on part of Pawan Kalyan for making such a mess out of M-word.

RK says Sri Reddy has abused Pawan Kalyan and not his mother, However, he does not encourage such abuses. the word used by Sri Reddy most commonly used word by the people in the society. Pawan Kalyan has grabbed the word and trying to gain sentiment beyond films.

ABN which is spitting venom on Pawan Kalyan calls him an immature politician. If Pawan Kalyan doesn’t know the meaning of that word, he should at least know its meaning.

The media which attacked Pawan Kalyan for being in illusions over media conspiracy with Nara Lokesh, has stated without any solid proofs that Pawan has a secret agenda behind, he met KCR and lauded him, Pawan will join hands with Jagan, says RK.