ABN poses 5 Questions to Pawn Kalyan

ABN poses 5 Questions to Pawn Kalyan

The 5 questions are as follows !!

1. Pawan Kalyan is not a just an actor. He was an active politician till a few years ago campaigning widely for the Praja Rajyam party. So can we believe the argument that Pawan Kalyan was not concerned about the political angle of CGR?

2. Pawan Kalyan is also widely believed to be very well read and every time there is a reference to Sree Sree or some other writer in his film, fans always say that this represents Pawan Kalyan’s political and social consciousness. So does only the “good” message from films belong to Pawan Kalyan and all “bad” messages belong to the director/writer?

3. Pawan supported Chiranjeevi’s politics in the past. After Chiranjeevi came out opposing the formation of Telangana, does Pawan’s silence on the issue mean he also opposes Telangana?

4. Is Pawan Kalyan so innocent that he did not see who Puri Jagan’s real targets in the film were? Did he not realize, like almost every single viewer of the film did, that the CM character in the film was to support YSR and the villains were modeled after opposition politicians?

5. How are the Telangana fans of Pawan Kalyan supposed to accept their hero blatantly mouthing anti-Telangana dialogues?