ABN assail KTR on past kidnap report

ktr-satishABN Andhra Jyothy is continuing to assail TRS leader ,  Telangana IT minister ,KT Rama Rao without taking his name in the telecast, but has shown his images throughout the story that ran for 14 minutes. On Thursday, the channel carried a report on Odisha businessman Subhas Agarwal kidnap , which took place on June 20-21 in 2013.

The kidnap caused sensation as Satish Reddy, TRS Jubilee Hills constituency in-charge was arrested along with 6 others for kidnapping Agarwal. The channel alleged that TRS leader Satish Reddy , was arrested in Bhubaneswar on charges of kidnap of a business man and said the plan was sketched in Hyderabad .

Subhash Agarwal company is a 1000 crore company and it gives sub contracts to some other companies, A road contact work was given to srinivas Rao company, which was supposed to complete it in 18 months but did not met the deadline which led to great loss for Srinivas Rao ,who sketched a master plan in Hyderabad.

Srinivas Rao tried to cheat Vamsiram builder owner Subba Reddy , who later met settlement king “Anna” and gave 20 lakhs advance. Anna sent TRS leader Satish Reddy , who brought Srinivas Rao for talks . Srinivas Rao informed about his position and the money of 100 crore , which is pending at Subhash Agarwal. He gave contract to Anna.

The scene shifted to Vizag, where Satish Reddy and Srinivas Rao threatened Subhash Agarwal for settlement. He agreed to settle in installments in Bhubaneshwar. Satish Reddy and his driver went to Bhubaneswar in Innova car for the first installment , Mahesh Kumar and Srinivas Rao also joined them.

But Aggarwal gave a twist to them , which led to kidnap. The twist was Oddaisa police vehicles were following Satish Reddy’s vehicles in which the Agarwal brothers were kept. Satish Rao and his gang was caught by police and took them to Bhubaneswar.

The report says, Satish Reddy is very upset with Anna as the later was handsup after the former was arrested. Even Satish family members are reportedly upset with Anna.