Abbai ,Babai films sold as package at huge price !

Who said there is a tuff between mega heroes ? when it comes to business of mega heroes movie.

There was a misconception among everyone  that, There is a on going cold war between Mega Power star Ramcharan and Power Star Power Kalyan , it all started when Pawan missed the audio launch function of Ramcharan’s Racha later the same treatment was received from abbai too, even in Ramchran marriage Pawan came just as guest without involving much in the occasion.

But,when it comes to business of their movies both abbai and babai upcoming movies are sold  in package even though both the films are produced under different banners. Pawan Kalyan’s Camera Man GangaTho Rambabu and Charan’s Naayak Ceded rights were sold to Sobhan and Lakshmikanth Reddy for 15 cr including prints and publicity,with partners Jagadeesh(Chittoor), Krishna Reddy(Kurnool).