Aatadukundam Raa Movie Review – Outdated Game

Aatadukundam Raa Movie ReviewMovie : Aatadukundam Raa
Director : G. Nageswara Reddy
Producer : A Naga Suseela and Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao
Music Director : Anup Rupens
Starring : Sushanth, Sonam Bajwa
TeluguSquare.com Rating : 2.5/5


Vijay Ram (Murli Sharma) and Anand Prasad (Anand) are close friends and Business partners. Their strength was their strong faith in each other . But their opponents breaks it . Vijay Ram insults Anand Prasad and sends him out. Huge losses in Business make Vijay Ram financially weak.

After several years Karthik (Sushant) nephew of Vijay Ram arrives to the latter house and things start to change. With Karthik’s initiative , wedding takes place in that house. While doing so, he falls in love with Vijay Ram’s daughter Shruti (Sonam Bajwa). At the same time, a truth is revealed that Karthik is not Vijay Ram’s nephew. Whos is Karthik ?, Why He comes to that house?. What is Karthik’s secret mission? forms the plot.

Sushant appeared with fresh look , he was more energetic than his previous films , he worked hard for his dances and his comedy timing was also good. Actress Sonam was limited to her glamour. Pridhvi as serial director was hilarious. Posani was routine. Sushanth with Vennela Kishore and Brahmanandam evoke few laughs in second half. Brahmi took the responsibility of comedy on his shoulders. Murali sharma appeared in descent role.

Anup Rubens music is good, the title song was catchy. Akhil’s guest appearance in the song is special attraction . Sridhar seepana story and dialogues doesn’t give a fresh feeling.

Director G. Nageshwara Reddy known for comedy , but his strength has become weakness for this thin layer plot. The movie story actually begins with landing of Sushant and solving the problems. For saving a rice mill, a TV serial drama is played, which dispersed some laughs but does not help the story of the film.

Interval twist is predictable, the second half revolves around Time machine – A concept for Bakra in the film . Karthik sets a game to avenge the injustice done to his family and Brahmanandam becomes the bakra in the end.  The time machine also used to celebrate the legacy of Akkineni Nageswara Rao in late 1960s. Overall Aatadukundam Raa lacks story and ends up as a routine entertainer with routine concept.


Clinched Script and Outdated comedy