Aamir Khan wants to meet Pawan Kalyan

Aamir Khan TV show Sathyameva Jayate is big hit and it is talk of the nation now. Now Amir wants to go with regional languages of the program.
He recently visted Kerala where he met with Malayalam super star Mohanlal to promote the program in Malayalam.
Now Aamir is coming to Hyderabad- now the question is – Who is the Telugu hero of Aamir choice for Telugu version of the program.

The talk says that Pawan Kalyan is the hero who Aamir wants to meet as Pawan Kalyan is much concern with public and thee other talk say that he might be meeting with Nagarjuna who has good relation ship with Aamir.
Let us see if Pawan meets Aamir and their interesting talk can be aired on TV….