A seductive teacher

In the current line-up of bold films in T-town, comes another controversial film I Love You Teacher exploring the relationship between a glamourous teacher and her young student. Actress Kavya Singh plays a teacher who has an affair with her student (Aryaman).

“Aryaman felt awkward about doing a lip-lock with Kavya, and we had to convince him a lot before he relented. The intimate scene turned out well eventually,” says director Sri Satya. Meanwhile Kayva claims, “My role is performance oriented with a touch of glamour.”

Swetha back as bubbly lover girl
B-town child artiste-turned-actress Swetha Basu Prasad is making a comeback to T-town with Nuvvuakkadunte Neikadunta starring opposite Uday Kiron. There was a time when the actress was hailed as the next big thing in T-town, with hits such as Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Ride. However, she lost her way with duds such as Kalavar King and Kasko and almost vanished into oblivion. Now, Swetha will return as a cute lover girl.

“The pair of Uday Kiron and Swetha is looking good, and Swetha has done a good job playing a bubbly youngster,” says director Subha Selvam. Industry bigwigs claim that she lost her “popularity” in a rush to do more films and has paid the price for it. If Swetha manages to deliver a hit, things could fall into place for the talented actress who failed to realise that quality more than quantity is the key to superstardom.