95 percent politicians are Rascals : Mohan Babu

mohan-babu-787878Actor Mohan Babu made sensational comments on policians, He says 95 per cent politicians are rascals .

He participated in the second day of the South Conclave 2018 organized by India Today. During the session, Mohan Babu made such comments.

In this context, Mohan Babu talked about films and politics. He said, “Films are different and Politics are different. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is the honest hero, He does not know what is bribery. NTR has sent me to the Rajya Sabha and I have returned without any complaints. 95 percent of politicians are Rascals, said Mohan Babu.

Leaders make many promises to the people. But who are the ones who have kept them? And indeed, if they keep their standards, India would have been a developed country“, said the actor