916 extra Haj seats alloted to Andha Pradesh

Indian Haj Committee member Dr Salim Raj today said 916 extra seats has been alloted by the Haj Committee to Andha Pradesh for Haj-2012.

In a release, Mr Salim said the extra seats, Haj pilgrims from one to 916 according to waiting list draw in Qurrah will be confirmed.

Dr Salim said more than three lakh applicants have applied for Haj 2012 from whole country. A total of 12,393 seats have been surrendered this year due to receipt of applications being less than quota of some states.

These surrendered seats have been distributed in the ratio of muslim population according to the census 2001, Dr Salim said.

Dr Salim also stated that Haj pilgrims whose seats will be confirmed from the waiting list shall be informed by State Haj Committee for future proceedings.