8 crore loss for SVSC !

The most awaited movie of recent times Mehesh venkatesh starrer ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ received a big jolt of loss about 8 crore due to trimming of the movie.

The actual run time for the movie was 3 hrs and 40 mins with row big heroes , 7 songs, has been trimmed to make it 2hrs 35 mins . More than a hour movie has been cut which include the Brahmanandam’s comedy track which is said to be a separate track in the movie and to keep up the movie emotions in tag without diverting, the producer & director decided to delete most of the scenes and a fight set about 3 crores is also wasted . some other scenes because of improper synchronisation due to immaturity of director were also chopped.

Sensing that over length might cause damage of the film this trimming decision was taken.  The movie is releasing on 11th Jan.