59 arrested, 144 section in Hyderabad

59 arrested, 144 section in Hyderabad

59 suspects are arrested by Hyderbad Police following violent incidents of stabbing, heavy stone pelting, fighting amongst groups. At least one person of riots effected is in serious condition, amongst admitted to Apollo Hospital.

As precautionary measure indefinite 144 sections is declared throughout Hyderabad. Total area is categorized as sensitive and hyper sensitive areas and armed picketing posts are established to keep night peaceful as well as to avoid any unforeseen situations.

Rapid actions, CRPF, state and City police, Octopus force as well as trainee Sis too are deployed to face any untoward incidents. Top Police brass deployed directly and monitoring every incident controlling situation in Hyderabad.

Friday happened to be Hanuman Jayanthi, Good Friday as well as religious prayers day for Muslims. Trouble broke out around 7 am on Sunday after locals reportedly found ‘meat’ lying near a religious place in Kurumaguda that ‘provoked’ members of a particular community, police said. Police is taking every step including deploying armed reserve forces to prevent any more riots related to the religious beliefs of people.

Today BJP, Bajrangdal and Viswa Hindu Parishath volunteers did a Rasta Roko in Boinpally Chowrasta condemning the riots and actions hurting Hindu religious beliefs  demanding immediate arrests of responsible people for these incidents. They also blamed that Government is scared and hence not able to take any action on miscreants.

Reserved Police Forces are deployed and the whole area is fortified using fences. Police chiefs , ex- IPS Officers who worked in this area combined with all reserved forces are made available to bring peace and get control in the area. Rapid action Forces, 108 Ambulances are kept ready for any untoward incidents if happens.