Magadheera residues in Eega

Rajamouli creativity seems to be ended with Ramcharan’s Magadheera , He has given his 100% and nothing new could be expected from him anymore.

His latest graphical extravaganza Eega fails to reach the WOW factor even after huge publicity. Magadheera still haunting Rajamouli mind and left its residues in Eega too.

When we to talk about Eega, Nothing new was shown  in it, copied every thing from Magadheera . Here are some similarities.

1. Eega a revenge plot  as Magadheera.

2. Heroes takes Rebirth in both the films.

2. Eega Villain posses same skills like aiming and shooting perfectely as Magadheera  Villian does with a spear

4.Heroines are from middle class. Villains are rich.

5. Rajamouli seems to be fascinated with a scene which is visible in Magadheera and Eega too,  In Magadheera Ram Charan teaches to aim arrow to Kajal staying back of her and holding her, While  Sudeep teaches to aim gun shooting to some girl in same manner.

6.Villain is a sex maniac in both the films.

7. Of course Graphics, With out graphics Rajamouli cant see any film .

8. Tantric Element , Rajamouli still believe in black magic? .. Both the films Villain approaches a Trantric to  find heroes previous birth details.

But one this is Sure, Eega is 3 grade film  in terms of graphics when compared with Magadheera , Arundathi and Anji. It a outdated predicted revenge plot with No eye wetting scenes even at Hero’s (Nani) death , No comedy, No entertainment, No mass elements, No catchy numbers, and No sentiment . Just the saving factor is Sudeep performance. Direction is pretty ordinary as most of the scenes are CG’s.

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