4 Heroines – 24 Films

4 Heroines – 24 Films

Tollywood is facing a unique kind of problem in terms of heroines monopolising the industry .

Four heriones ruling the roost of chances not allowing other heriones to grow in the industry. Any big film announced one of these four will be the herione of the film. The crazy of these four reached to its peak that no other option left for film makers other than to take one of them. Even they are pressures from hero to take one of them as heroine. Because of them new heriones very difficult to get into limelight.

These beautiful ladies  none other than Tapsee,Samantha,Kajal and Tamanna.

While Tapsee is leading with 8 films in hand followed by Samantha with 7 films ,Kajal stands on 3rd position with 5 films and Milk Beauty Tamanna with 4 films in hand. All these four are part of all major hero films as well as other heros. Its seems they are booked till 2014.

Hope they give some kind of room for other heroines.