3D Trailer of Shivaji is to be released on Monday

Super star Rajnikanth super hit film Shivaji is now being released in 3D format.

This film Shivaji which was released five years ago was directed by Shankar. This film is to be released in 3D format soon.

The trailer of this film in 3D format is being released now. This has been announced by AVM Productions.

The trailer of this film is being released on Monday at 6 pm at Prasad Labs preview theatre Chennai. The film which was titled Sivaji-The Boss is now titled Shivaji 3D.

This film gets the credit because this happens to be the first Rajni film in 3D Format. AVM Productions have mentioned that Rajni’s stunning style will definitely attract the audience. Shivaji 3D is to hit the screens during the month of September.