Lakshmi’s traditional avatar

Producer Lakshmi Manchu we hear is doing a special role in ” Vuu Kodathara Vulikki Padathara”. Apparently it was director Sekhar Raja who convinced the actress to do the role. “Well it was supposed to be the surprise element in the film but thanks to the PR goof up , my pictures are out. So, yes I am doing a special role in the movie,” says Lakshmi Manchu. Ask her about her new traditional look in the movie and she says, “Well, there is a wedding sequence in film for which I had to really dress up. I was wearing jewelry worth Rs 1 crore for the role. We used original uncut, antique diamonds to get the look right. It was fun initially, but I don’t think I am doing another wedding sequence in a long time. I don’t remember dressing up so much for my wedding either.” The actress is not very forthcoming about her role in the movie, but admits to being nervous about how it will be received by the audiences. “I am not going to be modest, it is an absolutely mind- blowing-role, but at the same time I am very scared about how it will be taken by the audience,” says Lakshmi.