24 Movie Review – Awestucking

24-reviewMovie : 24
Star Cast : Suriya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menon, Girish Karnad
Producer : Suriya
Director : Vikram Kumar
Music : A. R. Rahman
TeluguSquare.com Rating 3.75/5


Dr. Shiva Kumar ( Suriya) is a brilliant scientist who creates a watch which the owner can travel to the past and future and control the time and this project is called as Project 24. His twin brother Athreya (suriya)-the dreadful, attacks his brother in order to acquire the watch also kills his wife on the process.

Dr. Shiva Kumar escapes with his infant baby with his brother closely following him. Sethuraman hands over his baby and the watch to a woman in the train. Athreya at the same time catches Dr. Shiva Kumar and kills him and in the due course he goes into a coma for 26 years.

The grown up kid is Mani (Suriya again) who is a watch mechanic and his love interest is Satya(samantha) ,  He ables to catch up the watch again and understands its importance . In the meantime, ‘Athreya’ wakes up from his long coma and he is on a  quest to get the watch to retain his youthful life again. Who gets the watch?, What ‘24’ ? …forms the story .


Suriya has given his best performace portraying the three characters with a ease, especially he outsmarted in villain role, he was ruthless on screen with a special body language. Every emotion , right from love to comedy and pain to revenge , suriya gave his best. Samantha chemistry with Suriya is delight on screen. Nithya Menon does her role with perfection. Ajay, Sathyan, Appukutty, Girish Karnad, Mohan Raman have supported well.


Suriya at the verge of being written off with few not so good films like Anjaan and Mass for past 2 years is back with a bang, his screen presence is absolutely charismatic and his hard work is evident in every frame of 24 film with the run time of 2 hours 44 minutes.

Director Vikram Kumar truly a magician , who has etched each and every bit of the film to give a crisp yet elaborate film with swift screenplay. The first half of the firm is awestrucking with a brilliant song Kaalam Naa Preyasi Ley and standoff between Mani and the villain. The interval bang is gonna be one of the most memorable interval block with suspense . Post interval goes in interchanging of characters and ends with a twist .Hats off to Vikram Kumar who once again proved that he is the master in handling the “confusing” content , narrating in a Simple and straightforward manner .

Rahman’s music with visuals the album would be on everyone’s favourite after the release, the BGM maintains the mood of the frame.  Sleek editing although romantic track can be edited, but keeping view of all kind of audiences , it can be retained and Cinematography is undoubtedly the best in recent times and would be talked about for long. Art and VFX (with some loopholes) are top notch. The screenplay is brilliant and the director hasn’t left any loopholes. This film engages  throughout with its strong screenplay and surprises  & thrills at few places. Overall 24 is a brilliant made sci-fi thriller .

Mind blowing Time Travel