24 hours to decide Telangana !

A lot of speculation and confident media statements are being given the last few days and the entire topic is revolving around Telangana issue. The turmoil has resulted in a lot of stress for the Telugu people and an element of vexation has developed even for the UPA high command.

And the fresh update states that it might take less than 24 hours to decide whether Telangana is happening or not. According to information, the Congress Working Committee (CWC) is expected to have a meeting tomorrow and it is heard that even the Telangana issue will come to discussion.

But few MPs from Delhi mention that the agenda for the meet is more to focus on how the UPA government should deal with the absence of Mamata Banerjee and its TMC party. Even the Samaikyandhra leaders who landed from Delhi mention this is just publicity stunt by the T-seekers and nothing great is happening in Delhi. Let us see how things take shape.