AWE movie Review – Awesome

aweMovie: AWE
Starring: Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, Murali Sharma
Director: Prasanth Varma
Producer: Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni
Music Director: Mark K. Robin Rating 3.25/5


The film starts with the entry of Kala (Kajal) into a restaurant. Since the day was her birthday, she decides to make an unforgettable decision in life. The restaurant is managed by the film Chitra(Pragathi). After entry of Kala, one more character makes an arrival in the film. Radha (Isha Rabb) comes to the same restaurant with her parents to introduce her boyfriend. The parents are shocked to know that their daughter is in love with a girl named Krishna Veni (Nithya Menon). Meanwhile, Nalabhimudu (Priyadarshini)comes for a job, who is not a professional cook. The fish (Nani voice-over), the bonsai plant (Ravi Teja voice-over) help. Meera (Regina) works as a waitress in the same restaurant. She wants to settle in life by stealing along with her herself. Shiva (Srini Needala) is working as a dor boy in that restaurant. But Siva wanted to become a Scientist. His dream to make a time machine and go into the past to meet his parents. Meanwhile, a woman named Parvati (Devadarshini) comes to Shiva. She is the daughter of the filmmaker who comes to the restaurant to showcase her magic.The magician yogi (Murali Sharma) who comes there will bother her. Each of them has a story. Each life. But why all of them have come to the same restaurant? Who is telling about whose story?. Who is the reason for influencing their lives? What is the relationship between the restaurant and their lives? What was the decision taken by Kala? The answers to these questions form AWE.


AWE is a Concept-Based Movie, the filmmakers have trusted the concept. With the top casting, the movie can drag audience to the theatres. No one will be disappointed watching it. There are so many things around us in the community that you find in the movie. There are answers to them. The man’s feelings, how it changes; How will it affect others and make them suffer are showcased in the film. The director showed in the form of various characters in a man such as anger, hostility, selfishness, pride, fear and anger in form of actors. Watching the film we will also think we have behaved like this somewhere. That’s why the movie does not leave you in theatre or outside.

It is important to choose a concept for such films. This was done by Prashant Verma perfectly. The beautifully designed concept is beautifully brought to the screen. Nani has presented a different film without letting trust kept on him. Mark K. Robin gave music as required. Despite the film has a single song, he impressed with background music. Karthik Gathamanini has taken the film to next level with his camera work. Without unnecessary scenes, editor Gautham snatched the film. Producer Nani and Prasanthi supported the film well. Sahi Suresh Artwork brought a new feel to the film. Movie posters, teasers, trailers and interviews were unique. Without commercial elements, the film will be able to reach a section of people.
+ The storyline
+ Cast
+ Cinematography
+ Nani, Ravi Teja
– limited reach
– unnecessary scenes


Simply AWEsome