2017 UK general election results

Theresa MayPolling for the Britain General Elections held, Prime Minister Theresa May has won the appreciation of people within a short time after becoming Prime Minister of Britain in place of David Cameron which led to the victory in these general elections. May went for mandate 3 years before the regular General election. After Election Setback, Theresa May clings to Power in U.K.

2017 UK general election results

Seats won/declared 650/650
Conservative Party Led by Theresa May won 318 seats with 48.9%

Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn won 262 seats with 40.3%

Scottish National Party led by Nicola Sturgeon won 35 seats with 5.4%

Liberal Democrat party led by Tim Farron won 12 seats with 1.8%

Democratic Unionist Party led by Arlene Foster won 10 seats with 1.5%

Sinn Fein led by Gerry Adams and Michelle O’Neill won 7 seats with 1.1%

Plaid Cymru lead by Leanne Wood won 4 seats with 0.6%

Green Party lead by Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley won 1 seat with 0.2%

UK Independence Party, Ulster Unionist Party, Social Democratic and Labour Party, Alliance, and Other parties have won 1 seat.