20 tollywood Directors in one movie

For a small budgeted experimental flick, 20 directors from Tollywood are said to be making their acting debut. Maybe for the sake of selling the film prior to its release, this idea is born.

A youngster is making eccentric writer Yandamuri Veerendranath’s popular novel into a film. His partly successful adult story ‘Anaithikam’ is being made as a movie titled ‘Aakasam Lo Sagam’ under the direction of Prem Raj. Director and actor Ravibabu is playing the lead in this movie, while 19 other Tollywood directors are acting in some brief roles. Though the popular writer says that he don’t want to commercialize this flick, roping in 20 directors to act is nothing but an act of money-making.

Critics say that Yandamuri’s stories are not appealing to the youth of these days until they are modernized to a maximum. We have to see how this latest effort will be rewarded.