Sapthagiri Express Movie Review – Wrong Track

saptagiri-express-reviewMovie Sapthagiri Express
Director: Arun Pawar
Producer: Dr. K. Ravi Kirane
Music Director: Bulganin
Starring: Sapthagiri, Roshni Prakash Rating – 2.75/5


Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) is a son of a sincere constable Sivaprasad (Siva Prasad ), who aims his son to be an IAS officer. But Saptagiri has madness for films and stage dramas. He chases the newcomer of the colony Purnima (Roshni Prakash) to love him. Sivaprasad gets killed in an encounter and Saptagiri gets his father’s job. He comes to know that there is a strong reason behind his father’s death. What is the reason?, Who will kill Saptagiri’s father?, How will Saptagiri take his revenge?…. forms the story.


One can say that comedian Saptagiri has passed the test of a Hero with this film, He showcased all kind of talents including, dances, dialogues, comedy, emotions, and action with an ease. He executed dialogues in a single take. Shakalaka Shankar has got second important role after Sapthagiri, he generated humor with his role. Siva Prasad as the father was apt. The heroine was good with her performance.


Saptagiri Express is not the right plot for a comedian turned Hero Saptagiri’s debut. Father’s death…Followed by Mystery…and Revenge. These don’t suit for a comedian turned Hero. Most of the scenes are not so terrific but were just timepass. The makers have not compromised on the quality of the film, every scene was rich onscreen. Even the music director gave tunes that suit a mass hero. Some dialogues were good. However, the director failed to put the second half revenge episode on track.

The film is a Tamil remake of “Thirudan Police”, the makers have made several changes to the script to suit Saptagiri. Basically, it’s a revenge drama, if the film was made with any other mass hero, it would be an intense and serious film but the film has gone in comedy track with Saptagiri as Hero. The hero’s madness for cinema was humorous, his colony love story was just ok. The emotional drama episodes between father and son were good. Saptagiri’s problems after joining as constable, his emotions remembering his father were impressive. But the revenge drama was not up to the mark. The director has messed up a serious plot into comedy for the comedian turned hero.

Overall, Sapthagiri Express will disappoint those who go with a lot of expectations on comedian Saptagiri.


Not a right express for actor Saptagiri