New Rules set for Big Budget Films release

puli-shivam-brucelee-kanche-akhil-rudhramadeviNew rules to be implemented in Tollywood for release of Big budget film from january 1st .

According to newly framed rules of Producers council, Once a release date for a film is announced, the makers will have to stick to it. In any case , if the makers fails to meet the deadline , they have to postpone the release by four weeks.

This formula helps the small films to take the slots and survive . All the tollywood producers have reportedly accepted to these rules.

Such kind of formula is adapted by Hollywood and Bollywood films . Most of the big budget films announce the release dates while launching the shooting of the film.

Earlier Big films like Baahubali, Srimanthudu, Rudhramadevi and Akhil were postponed several times.