Telangana Deputy CM serious on Beef Festival

mahamoodOsmania University Beef Festival has puts Hyderabad to Boil as some student groups are determined to conduct it at any cost on December 10, while the BJP MLA Raja Singh serious threatened to dare consequences.

Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali  has seriously reacted on the issue saying , Universities are meant for Education and not for festival, Those who want to eat Beef are welcome to eat in their houses of at shadi Khanna (marriage function) But not in University. He completely opposed the concept of conducting Food Festivals in University.

However the student leaders who are conducting the Beef Festival demanded clarification of Dy CM’s statement to known whether it is his personal opinion or the government’s view.

Meanwhile the BJP MLA has welcomed Dy CM’s statement and if at all the festival is organised in Osmania University, they would organise “Pork festival” to take on the Beef Festival organizers and also conduct Pujas for Cow in the university.

While the DCP Limba Reddy stated that Permission will be denied If any event that may lead to law and order issues. However, the organizers are determined to hold the festival saying the they don’t need to seek permission as it is their right to eat whatever they wish to.