Clash between TDP and YSRCP supporters

Clash-between-TDP-and-YSRCP-supportersClash between TDP and YSRCP supporters .As part of TDP’s much Hyped “Jana Chaitanya Yatra”, the Andhra Pradesh State Excise Minister K Ravindra was supposed to inaugurate a Panchayat office but villagers have stopped him entering the village.

A group of villagers ,who are YSRCP supporters stopped the minster entering the village at Pedda Karagraharam in Machilipatnam, which led to clash between TDP and YSRCP supporters. One seriously injured in the clash.

The villagers opposed the government’s plan to acquire 14,500 acres of private land for Machilipatnam port and demanded ministers explaining on govt’s notification over land acquisition.