Mahesh Babu to replace Aamir Khan

Mahesh-Babu-to-replace-Aamir-KhanTollywood Actor Mahesh Babu is going to give a shocker to Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, who hit the headlines with his controversial remarks on Intolerance.

The advertising companies are looking at new alternatives to replace Aamir Khan and most of them are preferring Mahesh Babu as Aamir’s replacement.Mahesh Babu is the leading brand ambassador in South India, he has now become a threat to Aamir Khan as some National brands are replacing Aamir with Mahesh. Few of the ad agencies have reportedly approached Mahesh in this regard.

Expiring contracts of Aamir are not willing to continue their journey with Aamir. Since Mahesh is not just south super star, he is also familiar with North Hindi Belt because of his dubbed films .