Thanu Nenu Movie Review – Oh America

Thanu-Nenu-review-7878874Movie: Thanu Nenu
Director : Ram Mohan P
Producer : Ram Mohan P
Music Director : Sunny MR
Starring : Avika Gor, Santosh Sobhan Rating: 2.75/5

Story :

Kiran (Santosh Shobhan ) is a happy going guy works for a call center in Hyderabad , who hates “America” and NRI’s , he losehis job due to this hatrate. He meets Keerthi (Avika Gor) at his friend Naresh(Abhishek) birthday party and fall in love with her and also decides to marry her. But he doesn’t express his love as she lives in Bangalore. Later Keerthi shifted to Hyderabad . Friends Naresh, Kiran Keerthi and Srikanth(Rohit Varma) plans a tour and Keerthi- Kiran fall in love with each other.

Kiran comes to know about Keerthi’s USA ambition as she wants to settle there because of her father Bandireddy Sarveshwara Rao (Ravi Babu). Kiran tries all the ways to make her settle in India . Will he be successful in his mission?, But why Kiran has allergy on “America”?, What happens to Kiran – Keerthi Love? ..Forms the story.


The two biggest assets of the film are The First Half of the film and the Hero Santosh Shobhan’s terrific performance. The movie is loaded with full of entertainment and the pace of the film is also very fast. Although there are no such humourous moments in the first half but the movie was engaging. The restaurant scene, Hotel bill scene, office scenes an hero’s sarcastic dialogues about America are impressive.

Santosh debuted in Golconda High school film , he has taken the entire film on his shoulders to give the required entertainment. His diction was perfect . Avika has done justice to her role , she need to put down some weight to look more young and glamorous. Abhishek comedy timing was good. Ravi Babu tried to bring humour with his role.

The director of the film was able to bring freshness to the film in first half but failed in second half to make it a mess in second half. The asset of the film Sarveshwara Rao’s photo is garlanded and hanged ,looks odd. The movie revolves around two roles and it looks as if we are watching the same scenes. There is no entertainment in the second half , which is a minus for the film. Audience gets tired waiting to watch the climax of the film.

Cinematography is good, Editing need more cuts, Sunny’s Music in the first song is good. The director should have tried for a lighter script in second half rather going in a emotional way. Director messed up the film by making serious scenes look comic with no logic . The main twist as Why the hero hates US does not give “Kick” to the audience. Overall the movie is targeted to Youth.

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