Size Zero Movie Review – Not Obsessed

size-zero-900Movie : Size Zero

Cast: Anushka Shetty, Aarya, Sonal Chauhan and Prakash Raj

Direction: Prakash Kovelamudi

Music: M.M Keeravani Rating 3/5


Like every parent Rajeswari (Provasi ) want her Obsessed daughter Anushka (sweety) to get married to a NRI and fights tooth and nail to find a match for her daughter and fails. Finally one match comes inform of documentary filmmaker Arya and thinks she has found her Prince Charming in Abhi (Aarya), But he highlight her obesity and she reject him. Later, Both meet in a service oriented event and he is seen kissing the a model Simran (Sonal Chauhan).

Sweety doesn’t want to become burden for her family and joins a fitness center ” size Zero” owned by Satyanand(Prakash raj) . She realises that the methods followed by the Size Zero” fitness center are not at all safe for the health . Will she expose the fitness center?, Will she become slim? Will she marry Arya? .. Forms the story


Director Prakash made a balancing act in not glorifying the obesity to make it a comedy , He handled it brilliantly . But the script losses its tempo after Prakash Raj entry and the campaign against the weight-loss program.

Anushka dares to play this deglamorous role as it really hurt her thigh fans Sonal Chauhan’s role is moderate , Arya is good in his role. The first half is pretty entertaining but drops in second half.

Production values of PVP are good. Music is not extraordinary, BGM gives some comic touch to the film.  The film completely moves around the obesity of Sweety . Story is very much predictable but pace is slow without much entertainment, Overall its not a routine film.

Don’t worry to eat Popcorn at Interval