Narendra Modi silence the opposition

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi silenced the opposition saying that the government’s only religion is ‘India ‘ and the only holy book is “Constitution”.

Modi participating in the debate of 125th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Dr. B R Ambedkar in the Lok Sabha, remained the importance of January 26th and also the date November 26th, the birth day of Ambedkar.

He remained the importance of the Constitution and his wish to maintain democracy setup in the country. He said the spirit of discussion in parliament is not about ‘me’ or ‘you’ its about ‘us’. There is a habit in the parliament that PM should respond at the very end of the discussion, but He is just a parliament member like others .

He said, Constitution is a binding tool to unite the country and stressed the need conducting quizzes and other tests to the children on Nov 26th to constitution as part of their lives.