144 section Old city !

Tension situation in old city with the arrest of MIM leader Akbaruddin two days back on charges of derogatory speech hurting a particular community. High security provided around Bhagya Lakshmi and police and RAF deployed in the old city till the prayers

Some of MIM party cadre who came for Friday prayers rushed towards Charminar and police tried to stop them syill they were in huge number pelleted stones on police and police had to la-ti-charge them to control, Media vans , vehicle were damaged by the disturbing group. Intelligence sources warned an attack the Bhaya Lakshmi temple earlier. police had deployed Rapid action forces and installed Cc cameras to monitor the happening is trying to take control over situation including areas like Charminar Makka Masjid and Shaliband. Police implemened 144 secton in  old city.