134 Telangana farmers died in 2 months

farmer-suicideThree successive years of drought has ruined the lives of farmers in India’s youngest state, Revenue surplus state, Telangana .

According to media reports, At least 134 farmers have died in the region of Telangana from drought in just 22 months span in August and September.

The crop switching from cotton to maize has resulted in crop loss due to drought and the compensation from the government side was not being paid to the farmers and the pressures from private money lenders might be the cause for taking their lives ,says a report.

The reported farmer suicide deaths in India’s youngest state will have crossed 2,500 in two years and four months.

The government is known for spending lavishly in crores on cultural related events, The loans of the farmers vary from 1 to 2 lakhs per person if, these farmers were given financial support which counts to 2.68 crores in numbers, Then their lives and their families would have been saved.