13-Year-Old Jain Girl Dies after Fasting for 68 Days

jain-girlIn a shocking incident, Aradhana- a 13-year-old Jain girl dies after fasting for 68 days.

Aradhana – a student of Saint Francis and resident of Pot Bazaar area in Secunderabad observed 68 days fast as per Jai rituals during their holy period “Chaumasa” – 4 months holy time.

This 8th class girl is starved to death , she was admitted to te hospital after completing her fast where she died of cardiac arrest.

Theis fast is generally taken by the old age people who want to leave their body. The most shocking part in the entire episode is that Aradhana’s father Laxmi Chand seems to be not at all a worried, Rather he supported the customs and also his daughter’s fast. He said, No father wants her daughter to die. She had performed this ritual earlier too, but her body reacted differently this time

While the child rights activists demanding an inquiry and action against those responsible for Aradhana. They demanded to log a murder case against tose who are responsible .